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My name is Ira Zadikow, I'm the proprietor of Business Writing for You. I created this website and service because I believe there's currently a lack of professional writing services that truly understand the nature and unique needs of business, and I believe that Business Writer for You fills that void. I am extremely familiar with financial documents because of my extensive experience in the securities industry, in equity research, and in the creation and production process of financial documents.

I have extensive writing and proofreading experience, especially within the financial markets and in business. I've been writing for the past nine years, and proofreading for the past eight years. I worked for twenty-three years in the securities industry, where I gained a wide knowledge of the financial markets and publicly-traded companies. I started as a cold-caller at Lehman Brothers in 1984, and later worked at E.F. Hutton and M.H. Meyerson, among other firms. In the securities industry I worked in a variety of capacities including sales and research, and to a lesser extent compliance and operations. 

My writing experience stems from being the Director of Research at Great Eastern Securities, a full service investment banking firm. I started at Great Eastern in 2004 and we created the research department in 2005. After Great Eastern, and as basically an outgrowth of that firm, I became the Director of Research at ProActive Research, a division of ProActive Capital Resources Group (PCG Advisory Group). At ProActive and Great Eastern I've covered both private and public companies. My writing has included equity and industry research reports, corporate profiles and fact sheets, business plans and proposals, investment summaries (IPOs, secondaries, private placements and PIPEs), website content and market commentary, covering an extremely wide range of business sectors and companies. I've also assisted many companies with their investor communications and strategic direction. 

My proofreading experience includes approximately eight years at financial printers, including Merrill Corporation, the second largest financial printer in the world, Vintage Filings (Vintage Group), Toppan Vite and Command Financial. My proofreading has also included the accounting firm of Buchbinder Tunick and temp work at several law firms, including Sullivan & Cromwell, Shearman & Sterling and Paul Weiss. At Merrill I proofread the financial documents of some of the largest publicly traded companies in the world, as well as private companies intending to go public. I've proofread an extremely wide range of financial documents, including SEC regulatory filings and audited financial statements, among many others. My proofreading has included footing financial statements, and conforming documents to either a "house" style, a specific "underwriter" style, or a specific style desired by the client. The regulatory filings I have proofread include 10-Qs, 10-Ks, S-1s (& S-3s, etc.), 14As, 8-Ks and many others. 

Most proofreaders are more concerned with the "style" and "look" of financial documents than with the actual document's content. To a great degree this is because they're not very familiar with, or even care about, a document's actual financial terminology and language. This is an egregious error. Due to my extensive financial background I'm as concerned with content as I am with style, and I can therefore serve my clients' needs in a much more comprehensive manner, from a document's initial creation through the editing and production cycles.  

I am located in New York City. 

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