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Services Offered

Our primary services are:
  •  Writing
  •  Copyediting
  •  Proofreading
  •  Formatting and style   
The documents we edit and produce include:   
  •  Business plans/Business proposals 
  •  Corporate fact sheets
  •  Corporate profiles and informational pieces
  •  Research reports
  •  Private placement memorandums
  •  Website content
  •  Blogs
  •  Brochures
  •  PowerPoint presentations
  •  Marketing materials
  •  Press releases
  •  Investor communications
  •  Newsletters
  •  Regulatory filings

Let us know what you need, we'll work on any documents that you need to produce or improve.

Teaching     We teach financial and legal proofreading, writing and editing on an individual or group basis. We'll  work with your employees on an ongoing or as-needed basis. In addition to instruction regarding proofreading and formatting/style, we also work with people on basic financial concepts and terminology, financial statements and documents, and the financial markets in general. Do you have a proofreader that you love, but they know nothing about financial documents or the markets, and they need to be educated in order to improve their work output? Do you have typesetters/operators, paralegals, attorneys, temps, or others who work on financial documents, and whose performance could be improved if they were more familiar with the types of documents that they work on and the financial terminology involved? Call us in, we'll noticeably improve their understanding of financial documents and the financial markets, and their resulting work performance will improve as a result. We've also worked extensively with non-native English speakers to improve their writing skills.

Consulting services    We'll work with you on improving your documents and production processes.

Ghostwriting     We'll ghostwrite blogs, articles and other types of content for you.

Please contact us for additional information.

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